Letter from President - Gino Ray

Gino Richard Ray

Direct: 504-858-9290


Our mission is simple: do business that everyone benefits from.

  • Design and install functional, economical, and beautiful metal roofs, walls, accent architecture pieces and products while committing to the true craftsmanship of the architectural sheet metal industry.
  • Be the best in industry for servicing all types of roofing repairs, replacements, and retrofits.
  • Manage customers’ other needs with network of sub-contractors.
  • Give back to the community.

About Gino Richard Ray:

I was born and raised in Slidell, LA attending Salmen High School class of 2004. My parents instilled a good moral compass in me and made sure my siblings and I had everything we needed to succeed and continue to do so. Upon graduating high school I received a part academic and majority athletic scholarship to attend University out of state in Kentucky. While attending University I managed to maintain a career 3.0 GPA, and due to hard work, was named to the All Conference Soccer teams my junior and senior year. I was also a top ten goal scorer in the country my sophomore year and received All American Athletic team honors my Senior Year. I was also a leader among my peers, and named co-captain my senior year. After graduating college I played semi- professional soccer for teams in Louisiana and did quite well, and was asked to attend the USL professional soccer combine. Around this same time in 2008 while chasing my soccer dreams, I also worked in real estate management for one of the largest commercial banks in the South. Soon after working in the corporate world and realizing it was not ideal for me, and after a severe ankle injury in soccer, I took an open position to work as a project manager for my family business in the architectural metal roof and wall system industry during the recovery phase of major Hurricane Gustav. I would go on to work in the office for my father for nine years, learning the overall business/ethics while working myself to a Vice President role in the ladder years.

During the middle of my career in the family business, my life was changed in an instant and it wasn’t a fairy tale story anymore. I was involved in a vehicle accident that would forever change my life. I was at fault and caused all families involved hardships. I paid for my decisions but can never take back the results of my actions. I’m lucky to still be alive and lucky I was given a second chance by many and society in general. For that, I am grateful. I have not squandered the opportunity, and as I mature in my role as a father and business owner, I realize that life is short — people make mistakes — and it’s wise to learn from mistakes and always be kind to others.

There are the times that define men: not the easy times when everything is good but when situations become extreme and difficult that reveal true character. I keep the mindset now that situations or circumstances will not define me and problems should be handled with dignity and grace. I knew I would one day have a chance to make the community I live in a better place and display my true character/leadership. I’m a believer in giving second chances for that reason.

GR VII LLC is the company name because of my initials, and the Roman numeral VII represents the division of construction we will do the majority of our work in. Seven was also my University soccer jersey number.

GR VII LLC will be committed to donating a percentage of profits to local charities and organizations in the communities in which we do business. We will make our network aware of these donations via the company website blog so everyone can be informed of organizations doing good things.

Gino R. Ray